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Sustainability, whether mandated by the government or not, is becoming increasingly vital for every organisation. The Energy Saving Team (E-team) at EnergieLive is well-versed in the maze of regulations and opportunities. Comprising experienced sustainability experts, the E-team is a resource for all EnergieLive clients, offering advice (at no additional cost) on any question you might have.

EnergieLive Preserves

Legal obligations

Regulations like the Energy Savings Obligation, Reporting Duty, Label C Obligation, and the EED obligation signify increasingly stringent government oversight and control. The result is a continual emergence of new challenges to address.

As an EnergieLive client, you can consistently rely on the knowledge and expertise of the E-team.

To give you peace of mind, we take care of the entire process. Our team is in control from inspection and report submission to the actual implementation of recognised sustainability measures.

Subsidies and financing

The government encourages the energy transition through a number of subsidies and financing options. While these possibilities are extensive, their complexity can make optimal utilisation challenging. Here, the E-team again proves invaluable, guiding you through the intricacies. We comprehensively outline all available options and provide assistance at every step.

Sustainable energy installations

LED lighting, solar panels, heat pumps and charging stations. Our experts advise and guide you, from selecting a provider to installation.

Usage monitoring

Complete and online insight into your energy consumption and data. This serves as the starting point for sustainability and savings and is, of course, accessible to all our clients.

Automatically generated clear analyses and concise reports serve as the foundation for targeted saving advice. We proactively support and guide you through any subsequent steps.

Energy scan

An on-site meeting and inspection by an E-team expert, combined with the analysis of your data from the Monitoring Service, constitute the Energy Scan.

The final report offers you a crystal-clear understanding of savings opportunities for your organisation.

Organisations we have successfully collaborated with:

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