EnergieLive Saves

Maximise savings on costs, consumption and time. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the energy market. They will identify opportunities and demonstrate how to optimise your energy portfolio.

EnergieLive Saves

Energy rates

We ensure smart, competitive purchases on your behalf. Either collectively or individually. At the perfect moment, we handle negotiations with various parties, representing your interests to secure the best possible terms.

The result: guaranteed floor rates and the very best contract conditions.

Energy consumption

With the EnergieLive Energy Scan, we demonstrate how we can reduce your energy consumption and simultaneously help you meet government-imposed energy-saving requirements.

Along with the on-site inspection and our meeting, the EnergieLive Monitoring Service plays a crucial role. For example, it provides insights into your energy use and enables us to conduct important analyses, giving you insight into potential savings.

Network Management and Metering Costs

Save on all possible costs in your energy portfolio, including those you might not consider. Among other things, we scrutinise network management and metering costs.

We investigate whether you are overpaying for the size of your meter and whether contracted capacities are properly set. We also renegotiate metering contract(s) with your current metering company.


We pretty much take care of everything. From optimising energy procurement to structuring your energy administration and making your locations more sustainable.

This way, you save both time and money.

Organisations we have successfully collaborated with:

Wereld Natuur Fonds
De Key

The benefits of EnergieLive

  • Maximum savings
  • One point of contact
  • Everything perfectly arranged, from start to finish
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